Avoiding Frustration as a Beginner Golfer

Even professionals throw their clubs into the bushes sometimes. The sport of golf is ridiculously difficult and it’s critical to understand that for anyone who’s thinking about starting a new life on the course. The precision, patience and hand-eye coordination required to succeed on the links separate golf from other sports and make it very unique.

While it can surely be frustrating at times, there’s a reason that it’s a world game in 2013. Golf is fun, competitive and relatively easy on the body. These traits make it desirable to people from all walks of life.

Now, although golf is a great sport, it should be approached with caution. It’s one of those activities that unless someone understands what it’s going to take it can be excruciatingly maddening. It’s hard.

Below are specific points of advice to consider if you’re gearing up for an entry into the wide world of golf.

Take a lesson

Too many times people start playing golf without the basic fundamentals. This is crazy! Get out on the golf course and take a lesson. It’s very, very difficult to get that small white ball in a hole several hundred yards away. Golf is a game of processes and repetitive movements. This makes technique top priority and lessons can assist people in reaching adequate preparation.

Like most things in life, a mistake becomes a habit when it’s repeated.  This holds very true in the sport of golf and it makes lessons that much more crucial when starting out as a beginner.

Hole in one: If nothing else, take a few lessons so that you understand the basic mechanics of the swing and stance. It’s also a really good idea to take lessons with the intention of learning etiquette. Golf is a sport that follows very strict protocol and it’s not taken lightly by many out on the course when it’s not followed.

 Be patient

Golf requires an extremely high level of patience and it’s really essential for anyone starting out in the sport to appreciate what the game demands. It’s not going to come right away and it’s wise to realize this before picking up a club for the first time. Just like skiing or snowboarding, a person’s golf career can often start with never-ending frustration throughout the first few rounds.

Understanding this can go a long way in prolonging interest and keeping motivation where it needs to be. Once the initial phase is conquered and a foundation is present within a person’s golf game, improvement will follow.

Hole in one: Golf requires patience and if you don’t know that now, you will pretty soon! It’s better to internalize it beforehand than just after your first two shots in the water. Take your time while doing your best to stay fundamental and focused as a beginner. The game will fall into place around you.

Be realistic

There are golfers that hit the links just three times per year with their friends and expect to keep an official score. This is a good example of being unrealistic when golf is concerned. It’s a game of repetition, and there’s a reason that scratch golfers are scratch golfers. They play a lot.

If a player wants to shoot anywhere near par golf, they should be playing a couple times per week throughout an entire season for several years. Possessing a high level of athleticism and hand-eye coordination can jumpstart progression, but repetition and practice are the key ingredients to golf technique and success.

Hole in one: Be realistic with your golf game. Do you want to be a par golfer? Do you just want to play with friends on your birthday every year? Expectations regarding the level of golf you’re aiming for can shape the rest of your approach to the game. If you’re playing a lot, you’ll need better gear and most likely a course membership. These are things to think about.

Golf is a great game, but it’s a sport that is made much easier with a calculated approach. Just as you will prepare within a round for your next shot, it’s in your best interest to anticipate your career as a golf beginner. Setting yourself and your mind up to succeed is half the battle when it comes to excelling on the links.

Scott McCormick isn’t a beginner at golf. However, he likes to write about all aspects of the sport for Golf Now Indianapolis.

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