Why People Prefer Golfing at Country Clubs

Country club golf courses often get a bad rap for the fees involved, strict rules, and exclusivity, but in reality they offer a much more quality product than what can be found at any public or municipal course. Below are some reasons why:


Course Conditions

If you enjoy playing with less divots, more grass, and well-groomed greens, then country clubs are the place to be. Unlike public and municipal courses, country clubs have the ability to offer a superior product because the members have a vested interest in keeping up the property as a result of the club fees they pay. Being that country clubs are exclusive, the reduction in traffic compared to public courses also allows for less wear and tear and a faster recovery time when repairing the course.

Pace of Play

With limited traffic as mentioned above, also comes a more efficient and quicker pace of play. We’ve all experienced that round where you can’t explain why the twosome ahead of you is taking so long to play only to gain a vantage point of the next two holes and realize it’s because there are three more groups ahead of them (by the way, one has a player that can’t hit very well at all) causing this four holes back up. It’s ridiculous and won’t be found at country clubs because members insure the quality of golf is held to a high standard.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, with a heftier price tag comes more class and better etiquette. One of the characteristics that makes golf a unique game is that the etiquette is rivaled by no other sport. When was the last time you saw a catcher tell the umpire he missed the tag at home… that’s right, never. Distinctively, golf at a country club allows you to play without worrying about someone stepping in your line or acting crudely while on the course.


One of the main reasons most of us play golf is for the relaxing and enjoyable nature it provides us while out on the course; and what better way to spend that time than with friends and family? Country clubs allow for one to feel at home while on the course, whether they play a round with their co-worker, grab a drink with their buddies, or hang out at the clubhouse with the family. Not to mention that the staff knows your name, what you like and dislike, and are always eager to please you with any request you might have.

Article has been provided by author Sarah Smith on behalf of Atlantic City Country Club Golf Course.

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