9 Reasons to Take Up Golf

1. Get Fit

Golf is a great way to get some regular exercise, and have some fun while doing it. It may only be gentle exercise, but if you play often enough, all that walking around, swinging your arms and carrying your clubs around will do wonders for your health and fitness.

2. Fresh Air

If you work in an office or a job that doesn’t let you get outside very often, it’s a good idea to take up a hobby that lets you get outside and reconnect with nature. Golf is the perfect, relaxing breath of fresh air you need to revitalize yourself when you’re feeling stuffy from being stuck indoors all day.

3. Time Alone

If you lead a hectic lifestyle, sometimes you want to get away from it all and spend some time alone. Playing golf can be a wonderful, peaceful way of getting away. You can spend hours away on the course by yourself, giving you plenty of time to clear your head and relax.

4. Visit Different Places

You’re not limited to playing on the golf course nearest to your home. There are golf clubs all over the world, most of which will welcome you with open arms. Touring different countries with the intention of playing golf in each of them is a fantastically enriching experience, and a great way of seeing the world while doing something you love.

5. Competition

If you have a competitive nature, taking up golf is a good way to channel your fighting spirit. You can take part in various competitions and tournaments, trying to beat your opponents and win the glory! And even if you don’t win, training for a competition and taking part is still a great way of keeping fit and perfecting your aim.

6 Challenge

Perhaps playing against others in a tournament or competition isn’t your thing, but you still have something of a competitive spirit. Sometimes an even greater challenge can be to compete against yourself. Trying to beat your own personal best scores is a fine use of your time, and will result in a greatly increased skill level.

7. Make Friends

If you attend the same golf club regularly, you’re likely to make friends with some of the other regulars. Making friends with people who have similar interests to you is always a good experience and can lead to some more fulfilling, enjoyable trips down the golf course, and you may even find yourself socializing with your new friends outside the club too!

8. Business Meetings

Regular business meetings held in boardrooms can be a dull affair, and taking your business associates for a round of golf instead can be a fantastic way to break the ice and get to the heart of the matter. You may find yourself having more open, in-depth conversions than you would have otherwise.

9. Have Fun

And the most obvious reason of all, of course, is to simply have fun! If you enjoy playing golf, that’s the best reason of all to start playing more often!

Isaac Jack is an keen reader and loves to play golf during his spare time. He recommends bridgestone drivers for low to medium handicapped golfers.

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