7 Reasons Why Men Spend A Lot Of Time On Golf Courses

Women and men usually like to do different things and in some cases, it may be hard for them to understand the obsession of the other sex with a certain activity. Most men have a great liking for golfing and they may spend a lot of time and money on this yet their female counterparts may not understand this. Some of the reasons why men will spend such a long time on golf courses include:

1.       A desire to win

Men love to win, and what better way to take their chances at a win other than engaging in a sport? Men may spend so much time at the course to get their skills in order and this will increase their chances of winning a couple of golf games in the future. They may not be able to have this thrill, especially with the normal day-to-day activities. The competitive people would like a sport like golf because it requires you to plan and strategize so that you can win in the future.

2.       Peace and serenity

The golf course is quiet, calm and serene. Being here is one of the few opportunities a man can have to get away from all the noise in the office, on the streets and even at home. Men generally say less than women do and they appreciate quiet times more. This is the reason why you may find a man is not bothered spending the whole day in bed or just doing nothing. Golf will give the man an opportunity to connect with himself without any distractions.

3.       Meet other men

It is a good idea for a man to be able to spend time with other men. Many women will complain because they want the man to spend all his free time with the family but a man needs to have time with other men Just as much as a woman needs time with her girlfriends. Many men will devote a part of their free time to go to the golf course where they can hang out with men without having to think of the family or the job demands that affect him.

4.       Business agendas

Most of the men who have membership to golf courses are usually executives and this may make more men to want to spend time here because they can meet likeminded people and they can even make some good deals. As the men play golf, they are able to talk business and politics among many other things that can lead to the formation of powerful partnerships and the birth of successful businesses.

5.       Relaxation and unwinding

A golf course can have many other relaxing activities other than playing golf. The man can take a swim go to the gym or even to the spa depending on the taste and preference. You need to have a way to relax to be healthy and productive in all the things that you may need to do. Many men find that they get this relaxation from the golf course either playing the game or taking part in any of the other activities that are offered here.

6.       Challenge

Most men love challenges and this is the reason why they may enjoy playing the game and they spend so much time playing the game. Most of the time, the man will keep at it until he is able to get the skill that he needs to be successful in the face of the challenge, especially if they want to beat someone. The best thing about his challenge is the fact that it engages the mind and so they have to come up with plans and strategize to win.

7.       Gentleman’s sport

Many men prefer golf to all other sports because it is a gentleman’s sport and there is minimal physical contact between the players. The fact that you do not have to be ruffed up or to have to use such large amounts of energy to play is definitely attract for some men and they end up spending a lot of time on the golf course.

When you find that your man spends so much time at the golf course, do not worry because it may be for any of the reasons above. It’s definitely not due to your constant nagging or your shopping antics, women. Oops, fingers crossed!

Chad loves to play golf and like to watch golf tournaments. Well, whenever he needs some time off, you can easily find him nestled in the comforts of the PGA Village in Florida.

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