Six Reasons Your Golf Score Isn’t Improving

Most people new to the noble sport of golf accept that it takes quite a bit of practice before you can expect to be any good at it. That patience does tend to wane after a while however. For many, this occurs after they’ve been playing for around six months and still can’t hit a respectable score on their local course.

Should you find yourself in this less than enjoyable situation, the good news is that you are not necessary doomed to golf mediocrity forever. Many people fail to improve simply because they are making one of the following beginners mistakes. Each one is well known to seriously slow the progress of those new to the sport.

You Bought the Wrong Equipment

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent set of golf clubs but you can’t just wander into a golf store and purchase the first set that you find either. Finding the right golf clubs for you is kind of like finding the right pair of shoes. You need to experiment with different sizes and occasionally you need expert assistance. Remember, golf clubs are not one size fits all.

You Aren’t Focusing on your Weak Points

If you want to improve, you need to be willing to work on your weak points. If you keep dropping points on particular sections of a course, those sections are where you should be spending your time. Don’t hit all eighteen holes every time you hit the green. Doing so isn’t going to help your score if you keep dropping points on a single section.

You Think the Secret is in a Book

Wherever there’s a problem, there’s somebody trying to sell a secret solution and golf is no exception. Don’t be fooled by the many books and courses that promise quick fixes. There are no secrets when it comes to golf. Improvement takes time and it takes practice. There is no password and anyone telling you otherwise is simply looking to make a quick buck.

You Never Warm Up

The fact that you need to warm up before you tee off might sound obvious but many beginners don’t actually bother to do so. If you want to start turning in respectable scores, you need to take a few minutes practicing both your long shots and your putts. Very few people can hit their stride the second they arrive. And if you’re dropping needless points as you warm up, how is your score going to improve?

You Focus Too Much on your Long Game

Only forty percent of golf shots involve a full swing. Despite this fact, this is the part of their golf game that most amateurs obsess about. Improvements in your short game are what are really going to improve your score. I’m not saying you shouldn’t practice your long game, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be your priority.  A fantastic golf swing might be impressive but it’s putting prowess that’s really going to transform your score.

You Don’t Use Enough Club

Finally, another common mistake made by those new to the sport is failing to use enough club. Whenever you’re in between two clubs, always take the longer one. You are better off hitting the ball a little easier with a club that’s too long than trying to make the distance with a club that’s too short. Only the former option is actually capable of getting you where you want to go with any level of accuracy.

Shane is a sport lover and has been playing golf for more than five years now. He enjoys playing golf at Canada based Edmonton golf courses and recommends to  those newly introduced to golf to go for professional training in order to excel in the sport.

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