Golfers Say Golf/Sport ID Labels Are a “Hole in One!”

We all know that every golfer dreams of that perfect hole in one. There’s nothing better than a hole in one during your favorite golf game. Well now there is: golfers find that Golf/Sport ID Labels simply make playing their preferred sport easier and more fun. With these convenient and practical labels they’ll never worry about misplacing a club again. Here are a few reasons to get these for any golfer you know:

A “must-have” for tournament play. During a golf tournament, there are many, busy and serious golfers out on the course. Its easy for a golf club to go astray. But with the Golf Labels, your clubs are easily identified as yours. If you find a club while playing, you know how to return it. If you lose a club, you worry a lot less about it getting returned. And best of all, you can focus on enjoying the golf tournament, something every golfer truly wants to do.

A favorite for golfers who play on vacations and business trips. Many golfers enjoy playing this sport while on business trips or vacations around the globe. But what could be more frustrating than realizing you are missing a club? If your clubs are well labeled, you’ve got a very good chance of getting it back, even far from home. This certainly eases a golfer’s mind and lets them enjoy the rest of their vacation or focus on business, knowing they will get their golf club back.

A great Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift. Kids often wonder what to get their parents for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Getting a set of these labels for the parent who golfs is an ideal gift choice. Any parent doesn’t want to deal with the hassle, frustration or expense of losing golf clubs. Giving these to your parents lets them keep their clubs well organized and helps them enjoy their favorite sport even more, while they worry less about what happens if one of their clubs goes missing during a busy game.

The perfect choice for a new golf player. This is one of the best reasons to choose the Golf Labels. If you have a child, teen or adult who is new to playing golf, why not get them started right and give them a set of these identification labels? It will help them to keep track of their clubs and show pride in their new sport. They may even meet other players if a club goes astray, making a new golf buddy to play with regularly.

A few tips to use Golf/Sport ID Labels successfully:

Be sure contact information is up to date. This is one of the biggest mistakes people can make with using I.D. Tags or labels of any type, putting down old contact information. You’ll also want to replace your labels if your contact information changes, if a woman gets married or your telephone number changes. Don’t leave old contact information there, it will make it much more difficult for someone to contact you when your clubs goes missing!

Consider putting 2 telephone numbers on your ID labels. Adding your cell phone and your work number is even better than just putting one number. This gives someone two chances to reach you, rather than just one.

Use a clear and easy to read font. With many labels you are offered a choice of font. Try to choose something simple like Ariel, Courier or Times New Roman so your labels are easier to read than if you chose a calligraphy font.

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