Do You Personalize Your Golf Gear?

Whether out on the course, browsing through the pro shop, or looking online, golf gear of all kinds is available. And not just available in a take-it-home-and-start-wearing-it type of way, but items that are for sale in multiple colors, with monograms, embroidery, and more. Otherwise known as personalization, golf accessories are now coming with layers of ownership that never before existed.

A growing trend, customized items have been more and more common ever since the pros started doing it by way of sponsorship. Other than making sure Nike gets its air time, or FILA sells enough polo shirts, what’s the appeal behind branding items with your name on them? Especially when you’re not famous. (Who’s going to pay extra for a set of golf balls labeled with John Markson or Abby Jones?) It takes big names to call in appeal on personalized items. But then again … that might be all the more reason do give it a try.

Whether or not theft (or even borrowing) is an issue at your place of golf, what better way to claim an item than to have it clearly customized? Names on a golf towel, initials on club cover, or even a golf bag made with custom prints are a great way to say “not yours” to passersby. And if an item should be lost or misplaced, you’ll have a clear-cut path for getting it back. How many other golfers will have lost a frilly pink golf ball cover? Or a plaid-decked divot fixer? After even a few words of descriptions, chances are the lost item will be rightfully returned.

Another reason to personalize your golf game is out of style. When it comes to the game of golf, there are several aesthetic choices that can be made. From clothes, to accessories, to equipment, there are an almost infinite number of combinations to be had. From the girliest golfers to macho men who respond only to animal prints and neutrals, there’s certainly an option for everyone out there – personalized or not.

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