Making Golf Interesting: On-Course Betting

Whether or not it’s legal (or even kosher), golfers across the globe regularly partake in a little game on the side. While golf is certainly the most important game at the moment, more than a few have taken side action to make the game, well, “a little more interesting.” Putting stats may be on the line, a round of drinks by the longest drive, a car wash for whoever ends up in a sandpit, or maybe even a wad of cash that has to be coughed up by the loser. Whatever the terms, it’s happening by golfers of all ages and abilities.

In general, some courses frown upon (if not flat out outlaw) these types of bets. Whether citing the law, bad tastes, or just not wanting to deal with collecting bookies, many entities have posted directly what can and cannot be done on the greens. Others, however, have chosen to turn their heads. Their if-it-helps-the-golfers-it-helps-the-course motto has left them out of the loop, but perhaps in heavy business by way of competitive players.

Both Worlds

As a golfer, though, where do you stand? Do you find betting (even if it doesn’t involve cash) inappropriate? Or is it something you regular practice? Or do you wait and see what the other guys/gals have in mind before deciding either way? No matter your morals or tendencies, it’s a good idea to have a game plan up front.

For example, if golfing at a club that has a strict no-betting policy, it’s best to steer clear of that type of activity. Unless perhaps it’s household chores that are up for grabs. But on the other hand, when betting is fair game, and an event that you have no qualms about, it may be best to keep some cash on hand. Even if it’s $1 per hole, or $5 for the best putt, be sure to be prepared; many of these small bets are common occurrences by regular golfers. As for the big guns, betting large bills, that’s a call for the day and time. Whatever your answer be, however, be sure it’s not beverage or pressure induced. Betting on course is a personal decision, and should be handled as such.

Golfing, from the actual sport to the activities that go on behind the scenes, is a common past time among all ages. Whether betting or keeping your skills club-based, remember to have fun and keep your eye on the main sport at hand.

By Bethaney Wallace, a freelance writer for

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