Fairways and Roughs Golf Link Directory Overhaul

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished a complete overhaul to our golf link directory.  The entire look, layout, and back-end of the golf link directory site has been changed.  In the rest of this article I will discuss exactly what has changed and the benefits of these changes to our users.

Link Database

The first thing that is not necessarily visible but important none the less is that the total back end of the directory has changed.  We have integrated a better system for storing and retrieving the data from our database.  This will result in a quicker response when browsing or searching for golf links within in the golf directory.

Category RSS Feeds

With the changes to the directory system, we have integrated an RSS feed for each category that is in the directory.  If you wish to be notified of additions or deletions to a particular category, you can subscribe to any of the categories by browsing to the category and clicking on the RSS link at the top of the page.  Alternately, if you click on the RSS link at the top of the directory structure (Home link) you will see the RSS feed of the entire directory.

New Categories

In changing the back end of the directory, we also took the opportunity to enhance the categories that the golf links are stored in.  We have removed some obvious and redundant sub categories and flattened the directory structure overall.  Users will notice that it is easier to browse to their category of choice and find the information that they are looking for.  We have also added a link at the top of the page titled Suggest a Category where users can suggest new categories be added to the golf link directory.


All of the links in the previous version of the directory are still contained in the current directory, but will most likely be in a different location than previously found base on the changes to the category structure described previously.  We have also added the ability for users to add links to the directory with two different types of links – Reciprocal Links and Sponsored Links.

Reciprocal Links allow you to add your website’s link to the directory for free.  All you need to do is add some html code to your website and when the link is submitted, we check your website for the existence of that code and if it is found, we add the link.

Sponsored links are added to the category of your choice as well, but we place the sponsored links above the reciprocal links in the list under the particular category.  This makes the links highly visible to viewers of that particular category and at an affordable price!

If you have a golf related website, feel free to add your website to our golf directory.  Its a quick way to have others find your website when they are looking for golf websites!

Even with all these changes, we will continue to make changes to the golf link directory to improve its functionality and usability to provide you with the best golf link directory around!

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