7 of the Easiest Golf Courses in the US

Golfing is a favorite pastime of many people. Some people are very good at the sport, and others lack the skill required to make them an avid golfer. If you enjoy golf, you may want to test your hand at some different golf courses across the US, but if you’re not that good of a player, you may want to make sure that you’re choosing the courses that are the easiest.

The following are seven of the easiest golf courses in the United States.

1. Champions Golf Club—Houston, Texas

Many people think that Champions Golf Club is one of the easiest in the US because it is pretty flat and one dimensional. There are no major divots or curves to challenge the golfers, and most of the greens are very wide and airy, allowing golfers to see for miles.


2. Dogwood Hills—Flat Rock, Alabama

Dogwood Hills does have fairways, waterways and slopes that can pose a bit of a challenge, but for the most part, this golf course is an open field. This makes the majority of the course easy to play, and you can get a great view of the entire course from most of the holes.


3. Richmond Country Club—Hope Valley, Rhode Island

Every inch of fairway at the Richmond Country Club is open, and every blade of grass is cut low and even, allowing the ball to move and to move correctly. There’s a very small slope to the course too, but that will be the biggest challenge you face during your entire round.

4. Coyote Lakes Golf Club—Surprise, Arizona

If you want to be relaxed and enjoy some desert scenery, then Coyote Lakes Golf Club is the best choice for you. The entire course is pretty much open, just covered mostly with sage and rock. Plus, they have separate slopes for both men and women, adding to the easiness of the course.

5. Pinehurst Resort—Pinehurst, North Carolina

There’s not much to the second course at the Pinehurst Resort. The greens are all evenly and freshly cut, allowing the ball to roll but keeping it under control. Surprisingly, even though the nature of the course is simple, Pinehurst has been home to the US Open twice.

6. Azalea Sands—Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While most people are flocking the beaches in Myrtle Beach, some are taking to the green and enjoying a game of golf. If you’re looking to golf on an easy course, Azalea Sands will be your best option out of all the courses in the area. There’s not much to the course, and it’s mostly even terrain will allow even the worst golfers to have a decent game.

7. Elmridge Golf Course—Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Elmridge Golf Course may just be the easiest golf course you will ever play in your entire life. The course was designed on an old dairy farm and was meant to be as level as possible with holes that are extremely easy to play. If you’re looking for the least challenging golf course in the US, this will be the one.

Steven Peters is a journalist and sports enthusiast.  He enjoys golfing and recently wrote about his time at the Los Cabos golf resort.

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