Should you try belly putting?

Well, considering that almost all of the world’s best putters have tried it, you should definitely give it a feel. True, only a small percentage of touring players used belly putters it in the past, but that number is quickly changing. You’ve seen Vijay Singh, Stuart Cink, Anjel Cabrera, Fred Couples, Bernhard Langer and Sergio Garcia using long putters. Now, Adam Scott, Ernie Els, Camilo Villegas, Byron Nelson winner Keegan Bradley, and a host of others are rolling the ball with belly putters. And there are quite a few pros, who like Davis Love, III and Steve Stricker practice with a belly putter to instill the proper stroke mechanics.

The world’s best have all experimented with belly putting. Shouldn’t the world’s worst try it too?

Well here is the problem. With so many different styles of putter heads and so many variables in length, lie angle and belly putting styles, the pro shops and retail stores cannot afford to properly inventory the product. They typically stock a cursory amount of belly putters, with little chance of any golfer finding the right fit or style.

Now, there is a $40 option called the Belly Putt, which will easily convert your favorite putter into a belly putter in just a few minutes. And it is adjustable, so as you practices and play, you can make the changes to determine the exact length that is best for you. There is even a U.S.G.A. conforming option available, should you desire.

So now, you only have a $40 excuse for not trying belly putting.

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