Improve Your Golf Swing With These Special Tips

Author: Jeremy Winters

There are a number of ways to improve your golf swing. Golf is an unforgiving sport. Most of the time, the golfer is being played by the game rather than the other way around. However, it is not impossible to become consistently excellent in the game. Just ask Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer. There are a few tips that the average golfer can utilize to get ahead of the game.

The first tip is to pay attention to your left or lead knee. The problem is that a number of golfers relax the left knee as they swing, collapsing it towards their other leg. This interferes with their form in a number of ways, including forcing them to over-swing and drop their shoulder. Making sure that your knees are tense and stable can help you to improve your golf swing. Those having trouble visualizing it can imagine holding a basketball between their knees as they swing. This will make it easier.

The way the hand is positioned will also affect the quality of the swing. Golfers should place their right hand on the golf club while visualizing making a V with their thumb and index finger while gripping it. This “V” should point between their right shoulder and right ear. Properly holding the golf club will help form and improve the strength and quality of the swing.

Rhythm is crucial in a number of sports. There is a rhythm to a golf stroke, one that can be established simply by taking a quick pause at the peak of the backswing. This easy trick can help establish the swing. This will make sure that the golf ball lands in the middle of the course or will land where the golfer needs it to be.

Keeping your right knee strong is a terrific way to improve your golf swing. While performing the backswing, efficient golfers will keep their right, or rear knee, rock solid with a very slight bend. Failure to do so will weaken the swing. This will keep the golf ball from traveling far and it can also cost the golfer control over the direction of the ball.

Most sports are all about core strength. Golf is one of those sports. The power of the swing does not come largely from the shoulders, but from the legs and the abdomen. Golfers that turn their entire body into the swing bring the weight of their entire body into the stroke. This will dramatically increase the power of the swing and can keep their handicap low and impressive.

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