Golf Tips – Golf Putting Drill To Improve Your Distance Control

Author: Maurice Campbell

The most important three factors in any putt are pace, pace and pace. If you can control the pace correctly then your distance control will be good. Anyone with good distance control will be a formidable putter.

Controlling the pace of the golf ball when you are putting is quite easy – simply hit it harder to make it go further! But knowing how hard to hit the ball to impart the correct amount of pace on the ball is a lot harder and can only come from experience and feedback.

In this golf tip I have a simple golf putting drill that will help you improve your distance control very quickly:

Golf Putting Drill To Improve Your Distance Control

  • Work with three golf balls at a time to start with
  • Set up a small target approx 6-8 feet away such as a tee peg or a coin
  • Set up ready to hit your putt
  • Close your eyes
  • Take your stroke
  • Without opening your eyes (this is the key to this golf putting drill) think to yourself ‘did I hit it too hard, too soft or just about right?’
  • Open your eyes. Were you right about how hard you hit it?
  • Close your eyes and repeat with the next two balls trying to get your distance control perfect

As you repeat this golf putting drill to the same target you should be able to hit three shots in a row with perfect distance control. By removing one of your senses (sight), you should notice how much more you feel the putt in both your hands and your whole body. This is also a good golf tip for working on short putts since it stops your head from moving.

Now let’s make this golf putting drill harder

Clearly when you’re out on the golf course you only have one shot, so how can you make this golf putting drill work on the course when you only have a single shot? The key is to make it harder…

Make the following changes to make this drill progressively harder:

  • Practice with longer putts
  • Practice with downhill and uphill putts
  • Practice with curving putts
  • Reduce the number of balls from three to two and then down to one
  • Place the three balls around the target at different lengths / types of putt. Then you only have one putt to try and get the distance correct – just as you do when playing out on the course.

As I mentioned at the beginning, if your distance control on the putting greens is good then you’ll be a good putter. This simple golf putting drill will improve your distance control surprisingly quickly and is FUN – which is what golf is all about!

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