Golf Swing Tips on How to Hit a Driver

Author: Sean O’Kelly

To learn how to hit a driver properly, or how to hit a golf ball with any club, two things must be kept in mind: speed trumps strength, and striking the golf ball cleanly means yardage. Before we get into a few golf swing tips, when we talk of speed, we talk about generating golf club speed from quickness through a coordinated effort from multiple regions of the body, and not on brute force. Golf swing tips should start with balance.

Balance. How to hit a golf ball consistently requires being in total balance throughout the golf swing. Balance is so vital in how to hit a driver consistently for yardage, and it is often so neglected, that it could be said that all golf swing tips ought to start with this. As an illustration of the importance of balance, everyone knows how difficult it can be to play in windy conditions, and that has more to do with balance than how the wind affects the flight of the golf ball.

Maintain lag. For golf swing tips, this can be categorized as the secret weapon on how to hit a golf ball. It is defined as the club head “trailing” the hands. Many higher handicap golfers have trouble with the concept, since constant acceleration is needed to ensure a lagging club head throughout impact, and they don’t normally speed up through the golf ball, but quit at the golf ball at impact. That closing rip through the ball provides club head speed, and distance.

Relax. Another golf swing tip that does not get sufficient attention should be to relax. For the muscle groups to become swift, they can’t be tight. It’s a scientific impossibility that you can play high-quality golf if you’re tense. Golf relaxation exercises can be practiced off the golf course for use when you need them most for your golf swing.

Full follow through. As mentioned previous in our second golf swing tips, nearly all high handicappers swing at the ball, with the sensation that immediately when the ball is struck, the swing ends. A significant key to how to hit a driver is to accelerate through the golf ball, which obviously means the only thing slowing the golf club after impact will be the resistance of the ball. Finish high, with your weight forward.

Power originates in the lower half. When learning how to hit a driver, for maximum distance you have to use the strongest area in the body for nearly everybody, and that is from the muscles in the hips through the thigh region. These are the muscles that initiate the golf swing and allow you to drive your weight through the hitting area. If you are unconvinced of the significance to the legs in the way to hit a ball for distance, watch a power hitter in baseball. A great deal of his bat speed is generated with the legs, where as the singles hitter hits more using the upper body.

How to hit a driver for distance necessitates significant amounts of coordination from a few different areas, but those that coordinate everything are the ones who hit the ball the farthest, and sometimes they are not the biggest guys. How to hit a golf ball properly is more about understanding the principles of the golf swing and then putting them into practice.

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