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Let’s face the fact that golf is a very hard game to play well. There’s so many distinct areas to improve upon it can seem virtually impossible to master them all. So, rather than trying to over-complicate things by watching puzzling videos or paying pros to provide you instruction in their specialized lingo you are going to forget after 5 minutes, try these five simple tips and you will improve in virtually no time.

Fix your setup
Near the top of the list of easiest golf tips to improve your game right away is to correct your setup. For drivers, keep your golf ball inside of the left foot with your feet positioned shoulder width apart. For iron shots, keep the ball in the center of your stance with your feet positioned narrower compared to the driver stance. For pitch shots, keep the feet closer together and play the ball just inside of the right foot. At the same time, be sure you are aligning yourself correctly towards the target prior to beginning your swing. There’s a purely natural inclination for right-handed golfers (reverse for left-handed) to aim left of the hole, so take this into account before you line up your next shot.

Throw out the book and be creative
When most of us learned the game, we were taught to use certain clubs in certain situations. Well, don’t do that! Try to be creative and experiment with different clubs in different situations. For example, when you’re just in front of the green and you’ve lots of room to work with, try a 9 iron rather than your sand wedge, aim your shot short of the hole, and swing as you normally would. I assure you that you will cut strokes off your score by learning to be more imaginative on the golf course.

Starter sets take you just so far, invest in better golf equipment
Are you presently using brand name balls such as Pinnacle or Top Flight balls? Maybe you aren’t because of the cost. Well, less expensive balls are fine in regards to distance, however, for anything else they’re woefully limited (for instance chipping about the green). Make the investment and buy yourself some better brand name golf balls and you will be pleasantly surprised at your ability to keep your iron shots on the green and have the ball stop beside the pin when chipping as opposed to rolling off the green. When finances allows, invest in some new clubs as well. Technological know-how has improved so much in recent years and you will probably be able to realize substantial extra yards and increased consistency just by using newer golf clubs which, of course, results in fewer shots taken each round.

Reduce the power settings and be golf smart
There is another tendency among average golfers to try and destroy the golf ball every single shot. Ease up on the pedal every now and then! Stop trying to drive farther than your buddies and try to get by with 80 percent power instead. It is far better to have the ball end up in the fairway at shorter yardage than lost in the wood sat a greater distance. Likewise, learn to play more sensibly on the golf course. The goal is to end up with fewer shots taken. If you know you aren’t going to reach a par-5 in two then just don’t go for it. Lay up and concentrate on hitting a good third shot to the green. Aim for the fat part of every green on each iron shot, and when you get into trouble; you shouldn’t be a hero trying to go for the hole each and every time.

Make time to practice regularly
Lastly, try to get in a practice session one or more times every week. And don’t just get a bucket or two of range balls and blast away with the driver each time. Use your practice time to try shots using every club from the bag at least once and that includes chipping, sand, and putting shots too. When you take on all areas of your golf game each time you practice, you will enhance your golf game very quickly.

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