Can A Rescue Golf Club Improve Your Score?

Author: Nazima Golamaully

If you’re having problems with those long drives and are finding that irons just aren’t doing the trick for you, why not give one of the new rescue golf clubs a try? If you’re an experienced golfer that’s been paying attention to the pro shops and internet forums you may already be experienced with these and how they can improve your game, but for the rest, here’s some information on these, the latest creation in golf clubs, and why they actually shave some points off your score.

Rescue golf clubs are actually a type of hybrid or utility club and they typically replace your long irons, from your 1 iron all the way up to your 5 iron or even better. Hybrid clubs are those that combine the facets of both a wood and an iron. This gives you the distance of a long iron but with a higher trajectory. The shafts are shorter like an iron, as well as the face being stiffer but the components give you the distance of a wood. Many are finding that rescue golf clubs give them better distance and a softer landing than regular woods or irons.

So who should consider these rescue golf clubs and when are they used? If you’re having trouble reaching 220 yards with a 4 iron you may want to consider switching to a hybrid. They give you the distance you need as well as the consistency you should be getting from your irons.

Rescue or hybrid golf clubs are good off the tee if you’re facing a hazard near the green. Because they give you the distance you need you can reach the green but because they land so much softer you’re not likely to overshoot the pin either. Longer bunker shots are also good when using hybrid or rescue golf clubs because you need to get it airborne but because sand traps are usually close to the green you don’t want to overshoot it either, which is easy to do. Rescue golf clubs let you get the ball into the air and past the trap for longer bunkers. They are also excellent to use when you’re in the rough since the stiffer face makes it possible for you to manage this rough terrain more easily than any other club type.

Rescue golf clubs are usually very affordable which means that it should be easier for you to try some out without breaking the budget. They’ve very versatile and even the pros are starting to stock them in their bags. So no matter what your skill level or handicap you might want to consider trying one of these rescues.

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