Getting Started With The Golfing Season

The leaves are budding, the grass is greening, the temperature is rising, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping all signs that spring is here. What does that mean for your golf game? It’s time to dust off the golf clubs and get the spider webs out of your golf shoes and get your game on!

Now that you have gotten your golf equipment out of storage and are ready to hit the links, how will you track your game’s progress? We have developed the Fairways and Roughs website to track your golf game and statistics so that you can determine how your game has improved (or deteriorated) and to share and discuss your games with your golf buddies and find new golf buddies.

Fairways and Roughs has many features for the amateur golfer as well as the professional golfer alike. Some of the features of the site are:

  • Utilize our list of over 14,000 golf courses to compare your game against par
  • Insert your game scores and gather statistics on your game
  • Discuss your golf game with your fellow Fairways and Roughs friends
  • Find new golf friends based on criteria such as Common Courses, Similar Scores, Friends of Friends, and more
  • Import your contacts and invite them to join Fairways and Roughs
  • Share your game results on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Upload golf course photos to share with other golf course users
  • Rank and write a review of any of our golf courses in our database
  • Sell your new or used golf equipment with a free classified ad
  • Publicise your event by adding it to our event calendar
  • Buy golf equipment in our Pro Shop
  • Read news articles and blog articles from golf websites and blogs
  • Take some time off with some online golf games

The free website Fairways and Roughs is an excellent addition to your golf bag and benefits your game by allowing you to track your games and see visual clues on where your game needs improvement.

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