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2013 PGA Championship Photos from Oak Hill

We have uploaded some photos of the 2013 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. Continue reading

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Avoiding Frustration as a Beginner Golfer

Even professionals throw their clubs into the bushes sometimes. The sport of golf is ridiculously difficult and it’s critical to understand that for anyone who’s thinking about starting a new life on the course. The precision, patience and hand-eye coordination required to succeed on the links separate golf from other sports and make it very unique.

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Who Will Be The Quiet Underdog Of The Masters?

Right now the sports world is in the throes of March Madness, and college basketball is at the forefront of every fan’s mind. But April 8th is just around the corner, and it won’t be long until the Masters takes center stage as Tiger Woods looks to win his first major tournament since 2009. Woods is the odds-on favorite to walk away with his fifth green jacket this year, but if past experience has taught us anything, it is that the Masters is the one tournament where anything could happen. Anyone could come out on top. Other favorites for this year’s tournament include Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Brandt Snedeker, and slight outsiders such as Adam Scott or recently Justin Rose. But who is the golfer who will really surprise us, come April? Here are a few of the underdogs for this year’s tournament who just might sneak away with it. Continue reading

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Five Best Golf Resorts And Golf Courses In Oklahoma

Chickasha is the native Choctaw word for Chickasaw, a large city in Grady County, Oklahoma. Chickasaw Country is filled with lakes, lush forests and mountains, hot spa springs, fun casinos and amazing golf locations. Continue reading

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Why People Prefer Golfing at Country Clubs

Country club golf courses often get a bad rap for the fees involved, strict rules, and exclusivity, but in reality they offer a much more quality product than what can be found at any public or municipal course. Below are some reasons why: Continue reading

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9 Reasons to Take Up Golf

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Organizing Your Golfing Holiday: How To Choose The Best Golfing Facility

There are many people who love golf these days. If you are one of these, you may be thinking of going on a golfing holiday, where you can concentrate on nothing but golf. There are many facilities that often offer this kind of service, and you can visit any of them to benefit from them. When you are thinking of going on such a holiday, it is usually a good idea to ensure that you are careful when choosing the facility you are going to use. Most of the time, people think that to go on golfing holiday, you only need to randomly choose a golf resort that you can afford, and then visit it. However, in addition to price, you also need to consider a host of other factors when trying to determine whether a particular facility is going to be useful or not. Some of these include: Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Men Spend A Lot Of Time On Golf Courses

Women and men usually like to do different things and in some cases, it may be hard for them to understand the obsession of the other sex with a certain activity. Most men have a great liking for golfing and they may spend a lot of time and money on this yet their female counterparts may not understand this. Some of the reasons why men will spend such a long time on golf courses include: Continue reading

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7 of the Easiest Golf Courses in the US

Golfing is a favorite pastime of many people. Some people are very good at the sport, and others lack the skill required to make them an avid golfer. If you enjoy golf, you may want to test your hand at some different golf courses across the US, but if you’re not that good of a player, you may want to make sure that you’re choosing the courses that are the easiest.

The following are seven of the easiest golf courses in the United States. Continue reading

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Miracles Do Happen: How I Cured My Chronic Slice

I still remember the date. It was September 21, 2004. I was playing at the Sundance Club, my Phoenix Golf home for many years. I reared back and swung and the ball took off to the right and then … CAME BACK TO THE LEFT! A draw! A legitimate, just-how-the-instructional-videos showed draw! Continue reading

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